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The Rolls Royce of pruning saws. The long, lilting, curved hardwood handle design balances this large blade, Silky Longboy and allows the pruner to carry a belt mounted saw capable of pristine cuts on limbs up to 10″ in diameter with ease. It is a curved saw, measuring 15 inches from heel to toe. It has larger teeth, but are finer than those of other pole saws, leaving the type of sawn face on a limb characteristic of a much smaller, finer toothed saw. Designed to be wielded with one or two hands. This chrome hardened blade will last 5 – 6+ seasons of heavy or daily, responsible use without dulling. A beautiful and effective tool.

This is the most versatile handsaw around. Professional arborists and orchardists alike should have one of these in their toolkit. Comes with heavy duty belted sheath. Blade replacement is easy with a simple design of 1 connector joint and a single rivet. All handles carved in hardwood : Cherry, apple, walnut, rowan, or maple. For specific preference, please enter your choice in handle wood at checkout. All handles are carefully selected for the highest quality.

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