Grafting Compound


Grafting compound is an essential part of setting successful grafts on any type of fruit or nut tree. The loss of moisture is the #1 reason why even properly executed grafts do not succeed. Seal up your bench grafts and topworked trees with this magic blue goo.

This carefully formulated compound is easy to apply with a flat applicator like a paint stirrer or putty knife. It dries very quickly, forming a membrane in 20 minutes that seals grafts, and will not run off in the rain. Once completely dry, the compound can be peeled off of tools, containers, or clothing, or trees, should there be such a need.

The signature loud blue color is selected because it creates a highly visible blaze on the trees, which is essential for maintaining awareness of where graft unions are located, especially as they are obscured with the passage of time. It will stand out to the eyes through all seasons in the orchard.

16 fl. oz., with a screw top for safe storage. Keep at room temperature after use.

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