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  • Tree tools

    Grafting Compound

    Grafting compound is an essential part of setting successful grafts on any type of fruit or nut tree. The loss of moisture is the #1 reason why even properly executed grafts do not succeed. Seal up your bench grafts and topworked trees with this magic blue goo.

    This carefully formulated compound is easy to apply with a flat applicator like a …

  • Pruning Saws , Tree tools

    Small Pruning Saw

    The sleekest saw there is, lightweight and strong to the finish. This blade measures 10.6 inches, with impulse hardened teeth, wicked sharp. This leaves the smoothest finish on any cut you make. The handles are modeled after theĀ  “milkweed seed pod” form to provide an ergonomic connection between human and saw. This form fits wonderfully in the hand, making the …