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    Gnarly Pippins The Motto Hoodie

    Show your devotion to the goddess of the orchard with this new limited edition hoodie. Pomona manifests herself in the physical world through the abundance of fruit. All fruit growers and foragers whose labor brings more fruit into the world are working to invoke Pomona and manifest her presence in the world. They are the Knights of Pomona, armed with …

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    Gnarly Pippins Logo Patch and Forager’s Guide Bundle

    The Wild Apple Forager’s Guide and the original Gnarly Pippins insignia bundle deal.

    The patches are 9″ x 15″, screen printed on cotton black denim, original artwork.

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    Gnarly Pippins Logo T shirt

    1. The original, hand-drawn Gnarly Pippins logo on natural (off-white / beige), sage green, hi-vis orange, or black cotton tee. Rep wild apples everywhere by wearing the team colors!