The Wild Apple Forager’s Guide

In my research and academic work over the past several years, I have read a lot on the apple in both the cultivated and uncultivated realms. The field of pomology is the result of centuries of apple culture: cultivating varieties of apple, improving agricultural practices, and trading this fruit for a premium. The uncultivated apple, Read more…

About Gnarly Pippins

“Gnarly Pippins” is a loving nod to the untamed, indigenous apple of the temperate world. Limitlessly adaptable to its present surroundings, the genus Malus encompasses as much variation among its denizens as we the humans do. The image of the wild apple tree is not refined, not cultivated, but rather a raw notion of abundance and self-reliance. In this sense, Gnarly Pippins connects us to the wilderness of the untended landscape in how we relate with these special trees. Those who favor the natural apple, with all its blemishes and pride, over the ostensibly “civilized” apple of modern growing practices, bear the badge and attitude of Gnarly Pippins.

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