What is Gnarly Pippins?

GNARLY (adj.) – 1. Gnarled; misshapen, knotty. Difficult, dangerous, or challenging. Informal: remarkable, outstanding. “Log Driver is a gnarly band. Gnarlier than that old apple tree on the fenceline. Guaranteed.”  PIPPIN (n.) – 1. An apple tree grown from seed (eastern N. American dialect). Informal: an extraordinary person or thing. Usage: “Bet you any pippins I forage on Read more…

The Wild Apple Forager’s Guide

In my research and academic work over the past several years, I have read a lot on the apple in both the cultivated and uncultivated realms. The field of pomology is the result of centuries of apple culture: cultivating varieties of apple, improving agricultural practices, and trading this fruit for a premium. The uncultivated apple, Read more…

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