adj. Gnarled, misshapen, difficult, tangled. Slang. Cool, good, nasty, hairy, bad.

noun. An apple grown from seed. Slang. An excellent person or thing.

Pomological BOOK RELEASE // The Gatekeeping of Apple Foraging

Hello all you beautiful apple tree people I first must apologize that it has been so very long since I’ve made a formal blog post. It has been many months, and I am certain that Read more…

A Deep Smile, A Big Year // 2020 SCIONWOOD ORDERS OPEN

GREETINGS ONCE AGAIN Hello my dear friends! Happy new year and happy new decade. I hope all of you had great celebrations during the holiday season and have begun making new year’s resolutions that involve Read more…

The Exploits of Dormant Life // 2019 Scion Wood Order Form // New Custom Pruning Saws

Greetings again my dear apple fam ! Turning another page on the calendar, we are now looking toward the Winter’s work; the exploits of dormant life, if you will. For me, and for many of Read more…

About Gnarly Pippins

“Gnarly Pippins” is a loving nod to the untamed, indigenous apple of the temperate world. Limitlessly adaptable to its present surroundings, the genus Malus encompasses as much variation among its denizens as we the humans do. The image of the wild apple tree is not refined, not cultivated, but rather…

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